In the part of LCD screen, Leangle only use original screens as outsourcing.

LG as one of the most famous providers of commercial display solutions, helps us build our core competitiveness in this part.

There are four main advantages to use LG original screens.

Larger viewing angle: In most of the industries and businesses, people are not going to try stand in front of the screen, then a larger viewing angle provide no mistake when watch it at the side is needed.

Higher brightness: For industrial and commercial usage, the screen may be used under bright light, if the screen itself cannot be brighter, this may lead the screen can’t be seen clearly.

Color: For users with a designer’s job, or want a digital signage, more colors is essential, since it is important for color for these business usages.

Longer service life: There are multiple reasons can damage a screen, like temperature, but in an industrial usage, a stop in production will lead to a huge cost, then having a longer service life can be a huge benefit.

LG original screen Non-famous brand
View angle 89 70~85
Brightness 330 200
Color 16.7M~1.07B 262K~1.07B
Service life 10years 1year