Panel PCs in Automotive Technology

Panel PCs in Automotive Technology

Today, computers are used in different industries, including Automotive Technology.

When you producing automobile, what kind of computers should you use, are there any requirements?


User-friendly intuitive interface: a user-friendly intuitive interface will reduce operation time in a considerable ratio, thus increase the efficiency for the whole line.


Waterproof, dustproof: Most of the times, factory is a place humid and dusty, sometimes there maybe water splash.


Large-screen, high-resolution: This provides a chance of display sufficient vehicle information and test plans which essential for producing vehicles.


Wireless connection suitable: This will make the factory cleaner, prevent possible accidents caused by wires.


Can built into machines: The factory’s space should be used efficiently, if a computer is used to monitor or control a machine, it should be built-in this machine. This requirement provides a death penalty to all desktops and some laptops.


Industrial Motherboard: For any industry computer, stability is more important than performance. If the line shut down and restart, there will be a huge cost, so an industrial motherboard can run 24*7 is essential.