Panel PCs in food producing industry.

Panel PCs in food producing industry.

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Computers are used in different industries for decades.


Because of the different needs in different industries, then the computers in different industry will be different, if you choose the wrong computer in an industry, this will certainly increase your cost.


If you want to use a computer in food producing industry, what requirement should the computer met?


Can built into machines: The factory’s space should be used efficiently, if a computer is used to monitor or control a machine, it should be built-in this machine. This requirement provides a death penalty to all desktops and some laptops.


Network connection: As a producer, you need to trace the entire value chain, if all the information is only shown in the machine, it is hard to put them together. So you need to have a network connection in your device.


Touchscreen: You cannot expect you have time to use keyboard and mouse in the line when you need to open a file in your computer, then a touchscreen is essential. And this touch screen should be stable and easy to clean.


Industrial Motherboard: For any industry computer, stability is more important than performance. If the line shut down and restart, there will be a huge cost, so an industrial motherboard can run 24*7 is essential.


Original LCD screen: For a similar reason, you don’t want an error in the screen to stop your production, then an original LCS screen is best suitable for that.


Working well in harsh environments: For food producing industry, production process can easily produce a hot and wet environment, this may provide an impact on most of the digital devices, if your device unsuitable in such an environment, you may need to change or repair the device occasionally.