FAQs for restaurant to use a kiosk

FAQs for restaurant to use a kiosk


Today, more and more restaurants start to use Kiosks, but the feedbacks are not always good.


To make sure if a kiosk will help you, and help you use your kiosk efficiently, you can go through the following Questions.


Q: Should every restaurant use a kiosk?

A: No, it depends on how many customers you need to serve, the more customers you need to serve, a kiosk is more useful. If you only plan to have two lines or less, don’t increase your cost on a kiosk.


Q: I have a plan to have a kiosk in my restaurant, do I still need to hire a cashier?

A: Yes, you do, you still need two cashiers. Kiosks can replace a lot of cashiers, reduce the number of cashiers you need to hire, but not all customers are comfortable to use a kiosk, so you need a cashier to serve these people, and sometimes your customer needs your help when using the kiosk, so there must be a cashier can leave to help them. So, you need at least two cashiers with social skill and know how to use the kiosk.


Q: Which kind of kiosks should I choose?

A: It depends on how you will serve your customers. If you want the customer to take their own seat, some large kiosks in the lobby is good enough, if you are taking the food to the customers, small and cheap tablet size kiosks built in each table is better.


Q: I have my kiosk now, then I’m fine with my restaurant?

A: No, not yet. No matter which kind of kiosk you choose, you need to know a fact—the customers order faster than they order through a traditional cashier. There will be more customers in the same time, so you need to think a way to serve them all—kiosks can only help people when they wait in lines, it cannot help you to prepare the food, use your creativity and knowledge, think a way to serve your customer well, you are serving your customers, kiosk is just your instrument.