Wide application of 23.8-inch embedded display devices

Wide application of 23.8-inch embedded display devices

Larger and larger screens are a trend in the design of electronic products in the market. Larger screens mean a richer visual experience.

Different from electronic products, it is common for touch display devices to design different sizes for the same product in the market. This is simply to meet the needs of screen size applications in different scenarios.

As a supporting product, when applied, the size needs to be coordinated with the scene and the size of the main device, and make the device complete. In general, the design of different sizes is to take into account the adaptability and matching of touch display equipment when supporting applications.

21.5 "embedded display devices are introduced to broaden application scenarios and meet the matching needs of larger devices.

Previously, touch Smart embedded display devices come in 12 sizes: 7 ", 8 ", 10.1 ", 10.4 ", 11.6 ", 12 ", 15 ", 15.6 ", (15 ", 15.6 "wide), 17", 17.3 ", 19 ", 19 "widescreen, 21.5". It can be seen that touch intelligence mainly focuses on mold opening research and development of small and medium-sized products. Under the influence of the size of the board itself, 7 "is the minimum size at present, while 15" and 15.6 "will have two rear covers of different sizes, and 19" will have two different screen ratios.

There are three types of embedded devices: 21.5 "Android All-in-one, 21.5" PC All-In-one and 21.5 "Industrial Display. Their configuration parameters are as follows:

Android standard: All-American A64Cortex-A53 quad-core 64CPU, android, up to 1.5ghz, 2G DDR3 EMMC 8G

X86 standard: Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core processor, 2 GB memory, 64 GB SSD

Display standard: equipped with RTD2513 display chip, display area 527.04 (H) X296.46 (V) mm, resolution 1920X1080

Currently, we have 21.5 "embedded device application cases focused on intelligent manufacturing and smart business. Specific such as large machine tools, laser equipment, intelligent billboards and self-service food ordering equipment, choose a large size, can match their larger body shape, and in the business field, the large screen can display more goods, including more information, with less screen sliding, browsing all information.

Application environment, indoor and outdoor, flat surface seamless design, the screen reaches IP65 dustproof and waterproof; The chip has low power consumption, no fan heat dissipation, and the arc structure on both sides of the body cover increases the heat dissipation area. We also provide customized services, which can meet the requirements in hardware configuration and module addition, and solve the actual problems from multiple angles.