43-inch vertical advertising machine running lantern type rolling subtitles

43-inch vertical advertising machine running lantern type rolling subtitles

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The intelligent split-screen function can divide the screen into one or more video image display areas (no more than 10). Each area can set its size and position separately and can be cycled and used independently.

Intelligent split-screen function LCD advertising machine, high efficiency in line with the advertising needs, can be all day multi-time a variety of split-screen rich playback effect, a new period of program list control mode, through the accurate time of the program list, control the intelligent advertising machine broadcast switch state.

The basic functions of an intelligent split-screen intelligent advertising machine are described below:

1. After correctly connecting the advertising machine to play the program files, connect the power supply and set the current switching time of the advertising machine. The advertising machine will automatically play in a loop according to the playing order set by the playlist.

2. Playlist file production Manage the on-off time of the advertising machine through the playlist, freely switch single screen or split-screen mode, play according to the arranged file playing sequence, manage the scrolling subtitles in the form of running lights, etc.

3. Intelligent split-screen mode Can be divided into single-screen mode and multi-screen mode. Single-screen and multi-screen modes can be easily implemented through the playlist.

4. Marquise scrolling captioning is when the program is playing, the advertising text or other text content required for editing is displayed under the screen. Its bright and delicate display function is enough to attract the attention of passing tourists.

5. On/off time setting enables the playlist to manage the on/off time of the advertising machine. Multiple time periods can be set through the playlist, and the on/off time can be set accurately to minutes and seconds.