This topic describes the functions and configurations of the touch query appliance

This topic describes the functions and configurations of the touch query appliance

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LCD touch query all-in-one machine is a very popular multimedia intelligent interactive electronic equipment in the market. Generally equipped with a variety of touch screen application software, can provide a variety of different functions, for people's life and work to bring a variety of convenient and fast services.

LCD touch is all-in-one as one of the products that have its own computer host, and the combination of computer host accessories will directly affect the overall performance of touch all-in-one. When buying an LCD touch query all-in-one device, many consumers often ask whether it is better to use an integrated graphics card or a stand-alone graphics card.


For touch all-in-one PC, many friends to touch all-in-one no concept, now let us have a science, what is a touching all-in-one PC, LCD on behalf of the LCD panel display effect like home television footage showed the effect, the function is higher than the conventional display LCD advertising machine a grade, touch with several infrared touch points, capacitive touch, etc. That is to say, the display plus computer plus touch integration for touch query all in one machine.


The differences between stand-alone and integrated graphics cards:

The detailed difference is that the performance of the stand-alone graphics card is very powerful. There are a lot of things that integrated graphics cards don't have. The most basic is the radiator. Integrated graphics cards consume a lot of power and heat when processing large 3D software, while independent graphics cards with radiators can give full play to their performance, and even be overclocked. Integrated graphics cards have no radiators because integrated graphics cards are integrated into the LCD touch all-in-one motherboard. There's a lot of frustration when working with the same large 3D software and its heat reaches a certain temperature

In terms of performance and power consumption, integrated graphics cards are characterized by mediocre performance, but can basically meet some daily applications. Calorific value and power consumption are lower than stand-alone graphics cards. Although independent graphics card performance is very strong, its calorific value and power consumption are relatively high. In terms of 3D performance, independent graphics cards are better than integrated graphics cards

Difference: The independent graphics card is easy to determine: the independent graphics card is inserted into the motherboard slot, the interface on the card is connected to the signal line of the monitor. Since the main chip of the integrated graphics card is integrated into Northbridge, there is no card and the interface connecting the display is not on the card. It is usually placed with the IO interface of the motherboard and backplane

In general, though only from an accessory point of view, stand-alone graphics cards must be superior to integrated graphics cards. However, different users have different application requirements. It depends on their practical use. Will choose a cost-effective graphics card.