There are three steps to getting an AD player machine Android

There are three steps to getting an AD player machine Android

After we select carefully to buy the Android advertising machine to hand, the prototype debugging is very important, in addition to the confirmation of the performance of the advertising machine, but also to facilitate the use of more skilled operation in the future, so that we can flexibly use the advertising machine to play its maximum role. Leangle displayed in the field of advertising machine research for many years, since a complete set of the testing systems, today to share for your reference.

1. Switching machine and basic Settings

Android advertising machine in the boot time is far superior to Windows system, at the same time, Leangle display in the field of Android advertising machine greatly reduced the boot time, the average boot time is maintained below 15S, and even can be completed in 8S boot. Although switching machines does not directly affect the use of advertising machines, it is advertising machine performance and manufacturer optimization system strength. After confirming that the startup is correct, start to check the next item. Timing switch machine is one of the core functions of the advertising machine, and then do a good job of advertising machine time synchronization Settings, we can carry out the actual test of timing switch machine, the excellent machine never afraid of any detection.

2. Play the test

At present, there are many video image formats, if you want to be compatible with all basic is impossible, but Leangle display advertising machine is basically compatible with all common file formats, compatible with 1080P HD video. Add the prepared file to the device and start playing, and the AD machine can begin its routine work.

3. Stability test

After the installation and setting, it is necessary to conduct a long time uninterrupted device playback test (usually more than 72 hours) to verify the use effect of the machine through the high-intensity uninterrupted test. At this stage, the equipment should not appear any abnormalities, including crashes, program closing, video card, abnormal image switching, and so on.