3D holographic transparent display cabinet

The New Generation of 3D Holographic Transparent Display Cabinets

The New Generation of 3D Holographic Transparent Display Cabinets

What is 3D Holographic Transparent Display Cabinets

3D Holobox - Holographic projection transparent display cabinet is a transparent screen computer with touch control. It can achieve remote projection through a camera, achieving a one-to-one ratio of real people display and advertising. It can also play videos, text, and introduce the comprehensive information of built-in items through pictures and images, which can be used for meetings, shopping malls, and concerts.

Limitations and Challenges

3d holobox

  1. Lower Resolution and Refresh Rate: Compared to the new generation, the old transparent display cabinets often had lower resolution and refresh rates, resulting in less sharp and smooth visuals, especially for high-definition content.

  2. Heavy and Bulky Design: The older cabinets were often heavy and bulky, making them less portable and challenging to move or reposition in different locations

New generation enhances user experience

The new transparent display cabinet combines cutting-edge technology and innovative features to provide an exceptional visual experience. Let's explore its remarkable characteristics:

  1. Enhanced Brightness: With more than double the brightness of the previous model, the display shines brilliantly, captivating viewers with its vibrant visuals.

  2. Seamless Backlighting: Say goodbye to visible seams! The display boasts seamless backlighting, creating a mesmerizing and immersive 3D experience that feels like stepping into another dimension.

  3. Unmatched Performance: Supporting 4K resolution at 60Hz, the display delivers stunning clarity and smoothness, ensuring every detail is showcased with precision.

  4. Industrial-Grade LED Strips: Unlike traditional TV backlighting, the display incorporates industrial-grade LED strips. These specialized strips offer more natural color reproduction, making the visuals truly come to life.

  5. Lightweight and Sleek Design: Crafted with lightweight materials, the new cabinet sheds half its weight compared to its predecessor, eliminating bulkiness and enhancing portability.

  6. Elegant Hidden Wheels: The cabinet features hidden wheels that seamlessly blend into the design. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also enables effortless mobility and positioning.

  7. Convenient Pull-out Main Chassis: Maintenance becomes a breeze with the pull-out main chassis. Simply slide it out to access the internal components, facilitating quick and hassle-free servicing.

  8. Optional Rail Aviation Case: For those who require easy transportation, the cabinet offers an optional rail aviation case. This feature provides a secure and convenient packing solution, ensuring the display remains protected during transit.

  9. Enhanced Imaging with Sony IMX 317 Camera: The display incorporates the renowned Sony IMX 317 camera, capturing stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and detail. Whether for video conferences, product demonstrations, or interactive experiences, the camera ensures high-quality imaging.

With these advanced features, the new transparent display cabinet redefines visual excellence and elevates any environment it is placed in. Experience the future of display technology today!