Leangle Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology at GITEX 2023

Leangle Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology at GITEX 2023

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Leangle is proud to announce our participation in GITEX 2023, where we will unveil a range of innovative technological products. The highlights of this exhibition include:

3D holographic projection technology innovation: Our 3D holobox integrates holographic technology, transparent screen display, touch interaction, and remote video interaction technology, with rich and colorful application scenarios, including remote medical treatment, remote live streaming, real person interaction, and product 3D display. We continue to improve and upgrade our products, making them lighter and easier to use, in order to enable customers to achieve a superior experience at lower costs.

Digital signage: Our digital touch screen provides a more vivid and engaging experience for content presentation through customized colors and brightness. Suitable for various scenarios such as retail, catering, hotels, and conference rooms, attracting audiences and enhancing brand value.

Industrial touch panel PC: With excellent heat dissipation design, it provides a reliable and efficient computer operating experience for different application environments in various industries. Leangle Industrial panel PC, which can customize various host configurations and operation ports, has been widely used in various fields such as automated production lines, medical treatment, and industrial control.
Driven by innovation and practicality, every design fully considers the needs of customers. We continuously improve our products and are committed to providing high-quality solutions to meet the constantly evolving market demands. Regardless of your business area, we look forward to working with you.

We eagerly look forward to your visit, interacting with our team, and learning about these exciting technological innovations. Leangle will provide you with professional consulting and solutions to ensure that you fully understand our products and services, as well as how to thrive in the constantly changing technological environment.
See you at GITEX 2023!

Booth Number: H29-G47

Company Website: www.leangle.com
Contact: simbaweye@gmail.com