LCD Wall-Mounted Digital Signage and LCD Display of the difference

LCD Wall-Mounted Digital Signage and LCD Display of the difference

First, the stability of the application environment is higher than that of ordinary liquid crystal products

General LCD, LCD TV is used in small spaces, such as family, and meeting rooms, so its use environment is relatively stable and clean, and temperature and humidity control is also more reasonable. LCD wall-mounted advertising machine is suitable for outdoor multimedia information release equipment, most of them appear in crowded public places, so their application environment is very unstable. Therefore, in the design, the use of an advertising machine environment than LCD, LCD TV has more stability.

Two, brightness, is higher than in ordinary liquid crystal products

LCD advertising machine most applications in public places, the ambient light is very bright, so in brightness, must meet the light environment placed, and LCD, LCD TV display brightness only need to meet the needs of the human eye. So brightness is also an important feature of advertising machines.

Third, the playback time is higher than LCD/TV

LCD advertising machines, vertical advertising machines, touch advertising machines, and a series of advertising machines suitable for a long time, with LCD, LCD TV, and other products have a great difference. Bao Qianli's advertising machine can run 24 hours non-stop, which is different from computers and servers. In terms of display panel type, the two are basically the same, but in terms of heat dissipation, the function of the advertising machine is stronger than LCD, LCD TV, and other household products, because the advertising machine needs a long-term operation, so there is a special need for the heat sink.

Four, advertising machine special use, need to add equipment

Advertising machine has audio and video playback function, advertising content unlimited play, so in order to complete the display of advertising, there will be a lot of rated hardware support, including special equipment advertising machine. There are many advertising machine manufacturers in order to complete the large display area, a higher resolution will use liquid crystal splicing and other skills, and the completion of splicing will have the corresponding hardware support and software support.