The medical usage of Panel PC

The medical usage of Panel PC

Panel PCs are widely used in different industrials, medical Panel PC is one of the most popular.


What is required for a medical Panel PC?


Industrial Motherboard: This is the requirement for all industrial Panel PCs, but it is especially important for a medical Panel PC—an error in other industries can cause the line shut down and restart and cause a lot of cost, a medical Panel PC shut down and restart will cause a life problem.


High-Resolution Screen: For medical usage like reading an X-ray or doing a minimally invasive surgery, see things clearly will be the key issue, to make an accurate diagnosis or a correct operation, you need to get accurate information. A high-resolution screen certainly provides more information than a low-resolution screen.


Fan-less & Dustproof Design: Medical waste can encourage the growth of bacteria, which have a huge impact on people’s health, you don’t want they are in the PC you daily use. A fan-less & Dustproof Design will prevent any medical waste getting into the PC by accident.


Waterproof: The doctor may have touched a lot of medical waste and then use the PC, so the PC needs to be sterilized regularly, and you don’t want the sterilization cause any problem with the PC.


VESA mounting: When you try to explain your diagnosis to your patients, your patients need to see the screen, then add a mechanical arm to your PC will be a good way—VESA mounting is how you meet this requirement.


Touchscreen: When you try to explain your diagnosis to your patients or send your diagnosis to other doctors, a keyboard will spend too much time.


Multi-interface: There are different usage for PCs in a hospital, write a formal diagnosis need a keyboard and a printer, doing x-ray need to connect to the x-ray machine, and a surgery need even more. To meet all these requirements, a PC with multi-interface so you can connect it with a lot of different accessories or machines will be the best.


FDA approvement: This is the most important part, if your Panel PC has not been approved by FDA, it will not be able to use in the medical use.