The functional advantages of multi-media teaching conference touch control all-in-one machine

The functional advantages of multi-media teaching conference touch control all-in-one machine

The greatest advantage of a multimedia teaching machine is being able to do it in the past the traditional blackboard writing dictation can not reach the effect of teaching, by influencing, pictures, voice interaction, such as comprehensive multimedia technology, let the students learn knowledge in the good class atmosphere, assist teachers to complete the teaching goal better, improve the quality of teaching while increasing the school's hardware and software strength, improve the image of the school teaching.

We need to know more about the functions of the multimedia teaching conference touch machine, which has such an impact on education and teaching. Do you know what the functions of the multimedia teaching conference touch machine are?

Conference/teaching all-in-one computer is a digital writing board commonly used in conference/teaching. It has a large screen, clear display, beautiful appearance, and convenient external signal, and is mainly used for video conferencing, document presentation, and whiteboard writing. It has the following characteristics:

1. 20-point precise touch, sensitive touch, quick response, multi-person operation;

2. Support mobile screencasting, split-screen display, file transfer, annotation sharing, and other practical functions;

3. Provide intelligent whiteboard tools with 10 strokes without interference;

4. Support OPS computer host, one-click switch between Android and Windows system;

5. It could be used for remote multi-person conferences, teaching and training, and other scenarios.


Main advantages of multi-media church conference touch-controlled all-in-one machine:

1. Teaching application: Multimedia teaching machines can be widely used in the teaching of all courses at all ages. Its interactive touch electronic whiteboard function can completely replace the traditional blackboard teaching and completely realize dust-free teaching. Can help teachers to easily achieve drawing demonstration and call a variety of educational resources for teaching activities.

2. Integrate the original TV, display screen, computer, electronic whiteboard, projector, sound, and other independent operating platforms into one device through hardware and software technology, so that teachers can complete all the previous operations on the display screen.

3, Built-in interactive electronic whiteboard software can be directly on the display screenwriting, erasing, marking (text or lines indicate, size and Angle), painting, objects, edit, format, drag, amplification, spotlights, screen capture, image preservation, screen video recording and playback, handwriting recognition, keyboard input, and text input, impact sound powerful interactive teaching and playing The display function does not require the traditional blackboard and chalk.

4. Including the school can basically use a large number of teaching resources, freely call a variety of Chinese, English, mathematics, music, games, and other teaching resources can also be freely annotated, effectively saving teachers to make teaching courseware time, improving teaching efficiency and quality.

5.4K HD display, contrast up to 5000:1, picture clarity is 5 times of the projector, even under strong light can also enjoy a clear and bright picture, 178° panoramic Angle, to ensure that any corner of the classroom can clearly see the screen content, increase students' interest in learning, avoid the sense of loss.

6. Equipped with high-performance 2.0, 3.0USB interface, so that teachers can do courseware class, easy to deal with.

7, Low radiation, zero flickers, low power consumption, no noise, with the eye function, to protect the eyes of students, but also to avoid the projector strong light directly to teachers and students harm.