Share the difference between LCD digital signage backlight and module

Share the difference between LCD digital signage backlight and module

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any consumers in the understanding of LCD advertising machine when the backlight and module LCD advertising machine is not very understanding, the following is to share the difference between the backlight and the module.

All know that all in one machine, all in one machine generally refers to the display and body as one machine, like the existing all in one computer, one advertising machine is widely used in life, the existing backlit all in one machine back is not the corresponding light display, so the back of the display effect is poor. Integrated backlight LCD advertising machine uses the shell assembly backlight, which requires high in the shell process, otherwise it is easy to backlight problems.

Backlight technology is also divided into "straight down backlight" and "side into backlight", straight down the backlight because of the direct installation in the back of the panel, therefore, the requirements of LED light source is more, more high brightness, is conducive to the presentation of color. Generally widely used in outdoor LED products with high brightness. The disadvantage is that the product is thicker and consumes more power. Nor is it suitable for long or close viewing.

The side-entry backlight is the backlight on both sides of the LED, so that it can be designed relatively thin and beautiful, the power consumption of the side-entry backlight is low, the display brightness is relatively low, the light is relatively soft and eye protection. However, it is not recommended to use the large screen, because of the technical difficulty of side-entry backlight, it is difficult to ensure the balance of the display picture on the larger screen.

The Module LCD advertising machine is a double layer structure of shell and LCD screen, relatively speaking, the material cost is higher, module advertising machine in the shell and LCD double layer use, plus the liquid crystal advertising machine required functions of the material combination, relatively better structure and stability.

The backlight of the whole machine and module advertising machine to share the difference, both have their own advantages and advantages.