Face recognition advantages of touch all-in-one terminal applications

Face recognition advantages of touch all-in-one terminal applications

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With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, technology is gradually changing the way people live, such as access control, attendance, payment, and other aspects are changing, including the application of face recognition technology.

Nowadays, face recognition technology is gradually applied in educational scenes and gradually implemented in many school scenes. Face recognition system equipped with intelligent terminal equipment, what are the applications in the school scene?

In the school access control scenario, the intelligent access control device and face recognition system are combined to manage the time, attendance, and personnel classification of people entering and leaving the scene. People entering and leaving school, campus gate, and dormitory area cannot be identified manually, so it is easy to mix with outsiders.

The application of a face recognition access control system can realize intelligent identification of people in and out of the scene, and time management, attendance management, and classification management of personnel. Management personnel can record in real-time the scene of personnel in and out of the situation, outside visitors in and out, and strange personnel recognition prompt record.

In the library, a face recognition system with the use of intelligent terminal equipment, adopts the way of artificial management in books, need manual operation, if borrowing the reader needs to wait for a long time, more is a waste of time, with the help of intelligent self-service terminal equipment and facial recognition technology, can quickly realize the borrowed books, let the reader "brush face" balance easily, It is convenient for library management personnel to carry out borrowing management.

Face recognition system can also be applied in other scenes of the school, such as classroom entrance attendance application, laboratory door, Prohibit, gym access, and intelligent help campus intelligent construction.