What are the practical functions of the digital signage?

What are the practical functions of the digital signage?

In the current information age, digital information spread fast touch screen advertising machine precision and colorful publicity and popular, just as its name implies is the interaction can touch touch screen advertising machine intelligence display screen equipment, along with the continuously expanding the scope of application of, strengthening market appeal, in order to benefit in the fierce market competition, Leangle® launched intelligent touch screen advertising machine, using infrared multi-touch and capacitive multi-touch screen, to achieve more convenient human-machine interaction, so what are the practical functions of Leangle® digital signage (touch screen advertising machine)?

First, screen touch interaction

Just like the trend of modern society, touch screen is widely used in daily life, so this type of advertising machine also absorbs this design concept. With a simple touch, people can learn about ads in detail, and touch the screen to attract people's points of interest. Therefore, through the layout of the advertisement, the content can be divided into several aspects, so as to virtually enrich the content of the advertisement, but also more organized.

Two, remote control management

Intelligent touch screen advertising machine is generally placed in a large flow of people in public places, do not need special care of the staff, which also means that there is no special control of the advertising machine. So some advertising machine to take the means of remote control, so that the staff can control the machine in the distance, whether it is the switch of advertising form, or the change of advertising content, can be achieved through remote operation.

Three, intelligent timing switch

Touch screen advertising machine adopts the form of electronic data, an advertising in the form of electronic will display in the advertisement machine, but this kind of advertising opportunities, power consumption if keep on all day power consumption, also can make the machine problems so Leangle® advertising display touch screen machine for each device factory set the timer switch machine, this function You can set multiple periods for timing based on experience. Can not only play the effect of advertising, but also let the machine have a rest state, prolong the service life.