3D holographic display cabinet

The future way of show

The 3D holographic projection display cabinet is perfect for making presentations stand out! Get ready for a mesmerizing one-to-one ratio real people and advertising experience that's truly out of this world. With its transparent touch control, you can play videos, text, and even introduce comprehensive information about your products through stunning images. Elevate any meeting, mall, or concert!



Transparent LCD Display Screen

Exciting new ways to engage your audience.

Introducing the revolutionary transparent screen display cabinet! This cutting-edge computer offers a touch-controlled, transparent display that gives an eye-catching way to show off your valuable items, perfect for product promotion or cultural relic explanations. Get greater visibility with this stunning display!


OLED transparent screen

Making imagination a reality.

Experience the future up close with OLED transparent screens! This revolutionary technology brings you bright, vivid displays that will captivate and excite anyone who sees it. Impress shoppers with cool and interesting visuals that will make your business, product, or service stand out!

OLED Transparent Screen