Industrial all-in-one machine customization

Industrial all-in-one machine customization

With the continuous development of industrial tablet computer, its application industry is also more and more, not only in the industrial field, but also many other industries will use industrial tablet computer, industrial tablet computer adopts metal shell, with touch screen, seismic, anti-interference and other advantages. The installation methods are classified into the following types.

1. Embedded industrial tablets

As the name suggests, it's built-in. For a built-in tablet, only the front panel is left, and the rest is pushed into the device, which is held in place by a hook.

2. Open industrial tablets

Open industrial tablets do not have a face case, only the inside, most customer applications are mainly small devices that already have a beautiful case, there is not much room to install the general tablet.

3. Flip-down industrial tablets

Flip type industrial tablet computer is reverse mounted in the device, is installed inside the machine, his edge and the edge of the case overlap, generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as electric power, machinery, medical industry.

4. Rack-mounted industrial tablets

Rack-mounted industrial tablets are typically mounted on 19-inch cabinets, so they are standard 19-inch wide and have mounting holes for standard U counts. It is generally used in large cabinets such as telecom, power, and large servers.

5. Wall-mounted industrial tablets

A wall-mounted industrial tablet computer can be hung, can be hung on the wall, or equipment, it can adjust the Angle, with the appropriate mounting arm, can stay in any position, for the user to watch, generally used in small, medium, large equipment.