Leangle Co. has a wide range of products include but not limit to Panel PCs, Digital Signages, Kiosks. In order to satisfy all possible personalized requirement of our customers, we offer multiple variations of these types of products for different usage.

A typical Leangle product is combined with a display screen, a mother board, a touch screen, a shell, custom accessories and custom software. We offer multiple alternatives of each component to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Display Screen
  • Leangle Co. has different resolution choices for our customers, 2K,4K and 8K are selectable.
  • To make sure of the robustness of our product, we use the original screens on all our products, for any product with size larger than 43’’, we will use LG original screen.
  • Leangle Co. also has some core-technology for some special requirements.
Mother Board
  • Leangle Co. uses industrial motherboard to meet requirements of robustness.
  • We also have some core-technology for some other requirements.
Touch Screen
  • There are three different types of touch screens in Leangle products: IR, PCAP and resistive.
  • For multi-touch technology, we offer 10-point, 20-point and 40-point version as requirement.
  • For response time, we can made up to 3ms.
  • For accuracy, we can made up to 1mm.
  • Leangle Co. has two choices of materials used to made our shells: aluminum alloy and steel.
  • We offer different solutions for mounting.
  • We can make our shell into 2cm.
  • We also have some core-technology for some other requirements.
  • Leangle Co. will offer power line and adapter locally certificated to our customers.
  • Based on requirements, we have already built accessories such as QR scanner into some of our machines.
  • We can also add more accessories into our machine as the customer’s requirement.
  • Leangle Co. has provided some software for special requirement in some of our machines, such as face recognition.
  • More software is in develop, by ourselves or by our partners.
  • We’d like to hear the requirements from our customer, and research on them.