How does Digital Signage play used by the content display?

How does Digital Signage play used by the content display?

Vertical LCD network digital signage uses network mode, through multimedia information publishing software terminal management advertising play. Free CMS soft could cover Windows, Android, and Linux by Leangle solution. 


1. Production: system adopts B/S architecture, management by editing web access login software or program editing system, show the picture editor supports multiple areas, each region can be independently controlled, and the broadcast content of each region to support images, video, text, and other types of superposition of material circulation, and can call the inserted into the web page content;

2. Material management: the system supports material classification management, supports its own material classification directory, and can also create its own directory, after the material directory is established, the material can be imported, reviewed, edited, save, delete, and other operation rights;

3. Content management: support upload, download, playtime, type, and other management of broadcast content;

4. Program scheduling: support regular broadcast, round-robin broadcast, periodic broadcast, interstitial and other ways, can detect broadcast conflicts, intuitive display of broadcast task schedule;

5. Remote control: Support remote terminal control. The system supports terminal management such as remote viewing of the terminal, the network running status, switch on and off at multiple time periods, remote real-time diagnosis, and timely warning of faults.

6. Audit management: support the establishment of approval rules. When applying for approval of programs, the administrator can set the emergency degree and date of program approval, and only approved information can be released and broadcast; Support material upload audit, terminal registration audit;

7. User management: support multiple users, assign management rights of different function modules to each user, allowing different users to assign different terminal devices, different material directories and broadcast single directories;

8. Transmission Management: The user can transfer program files to the player terminal through the network on the server-side, and can transfer files to a single-player terminal or a group of players. It can realize immediate transmission, scheduled transmission, periodic transmission, and planned transmission, display the transmission status in real-time, and support the management of upload and download of materials. Prompt Windows or sounds should pop up for all online operators when uploading materials and delivering programs. USB can be used to update and play program contents without a network connection.

9. Terminal management: support remote viewing terminal status, network status, restart the terminal, restart the player, timing switch, remote change of video output type and resolution, remote unified real-time monitoring, timely alarm failure, real-time feedback current playback content and volume control, free group management.