Digital signage of Android system and Windows system advantages

Digital signage of Android system and Windows system advantages

Nowadays, intelligent electronic products are almost necessary for everyone. For commonly used smartphones and tablets, everyone will think of the Android system and Windows systems. At present, the touch screen all-in-one machine and smart touch advertising machine applied in various industries are also using Android system and Windows computer dual systems. What are the advantages of the Android AD machines and Windows AD machines?


Android system advertising machine advantages

Android advertising machine system, namely Android, is a free and open-source operating system based on Linux, which is mainly a common operating system of touch query products. Like other operating systems, it adopts a layered architecture: Its Android can be divided into application layer, application framework layer, system runtime layer and Linux kernel layer from the top to the bottom. Its version is from the original 1.1 to 5.0, now 7.1 to 9.0, and so on, but the common android touch screen all-in-one operating system is generally Android 6.0 version or higher.


Windows advertising machine system advantages

Windows system is also a common operating system in all kinds of touch screen advertising machine products, because of the continuous upgrade of the system, the vast majority of Windows touch screen all-in-one machines on the market are (cracked version Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, etc.), Windows7 and Windows10 are the most popular touch all-in-one PCS. Compared with the Android system, the Windows system can import PPT, Word, pictures, videos, and other format files more conveniently, and it is very convenient for remote online and large-scale operations.