Guidance to Identify the quality of LCD Screen Display Advertising Machine

Guidance to Identify the quality of LCD Screen Display Advertising Machine

In the increasingly competitive market, the industry of its own brand awareness and product promotion the demand is higher and higher, print ads, desolate slowly under such market environment influence, smart LCD advertisement machine for the general digital users to provide more convenient on brand and product promotion at the same time, its industrial expansion speed also got great improvement.

But how can we correctly distinguish between good and bad advertising machines? Is one of the most important is the LCD screen, LCD advertising machine, that is to say, the stand or fall of the screen directly influence the use of late, so we in the choose and buy of LCD advertising machine equipment at the same time, it is best to oneself identifies its advantages and disadvantages, below the display advertising machine solution for manufacturers to introduce some advertising machine quality identify common sense.

1, the first is to see whether the surface of the LCD screen is bad (bright spot, dark spot).

2, look at the visual Angle of the screen, the screen to distinguish the visual Angle area for (full perspective, wide perspective, narrow perspective).

3. Adjust to the maximum nominal valve ratio and move any window to see if there is a drag.

4, appearance details, check the appearance of paint scratches and damage.

5. Stability, which needs to be known after a period of use.

6, power supply, the power supply is an important part of the LCD advertising machine because the use of the advertising machine can not do without power, there is no way to work without it. Therefore, we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of LCD advertising machine quality through the stability of the power supply, the service life of the general LCD advertising machine is more than 5 years, if it is some very regular advertising machine manufacturers produced by the power supply, can also reach 10 years or even longer service life.

7, the price gap, if the same wall-mounted advertising machine, some may need 3-4K, some need 5-6K, this is the performance and quality gap, some people in order to maximize the profit of LCD advertising machine, the use of inferior LCD screen, disassembly screen, etc.

LCD screen advertising machine quality identification, we come out in addition to the appearance, power supply, LCD panel judgment, but also through the decoding board chip stability with practicality and other aspects to identify.