An IR Touch Screen use IR emitters and receivers to create an invisible grid of light beams across the screen.

When an object interrupts the invisible infrared light beam, the sensors can locate the touch point.

This technique has the highest image clarity and light transmission, use anything to activate, but can be sensitive to outside interference.

Suitable in clean indoor condition, such as exhibition, conference, education and some other industrial and commercial usage under such a condition.

Leangle use two series of IR touchscreens: normal IR touchscreen series and high-accuracy IR touchscreen series.

Here is the data of the two series:

Normal IR touchscreen High-accuracy IR touchscreen
Size 32inch~100inch 27inch~120inch
Accuracy 3mm 1mm
Response time ≤8ms (<55inch) ≤5ms (<55inch)
≤10ms (55~65inch) ≤6ms (55~65inch)
≤12ms (70~120inch) ≤8ms (70~120inch)
≤14ms (>120inch) ≤12ms (>120inch)
Multi-touch 20-point 20-point as default, up to 40-point
Activation Any opaque objects Any opaque objects

The 1mm accuracy make you able to add “points” in a graph. And the quick response make you can hardly find the delay while using it to make a presentation.

This makes the high-accuracy IR touchscreens the best choice for exhibition, conference and education. You can add points anywhere, and the response is quickly.

If you don’t need such a usage, then a normal IR touchscreen is recommended.