Leangle Co. is willing to take care of the customer’s benefit. We are going to use the most widely applicable components with high quality on our finished product, and we are going to help the customers asked for a custom-made product find the components best fit their requirements.

Display Screen

To make sure of the robustness of our product, we use the original screens on all our products. For any product with size larger than 43’’, we will use LG original screen, for other sizes, we may also use BOE as required.


To make sure of the performance of our product, Leangle use Intel CPU on most of our products. In some special cases, we may advise our customer to choose Rockchip CPU.

Hard disk

Leangle co select the most cheap and fine hard disk for our customer. Most of Leangle product will use Longsys SSD. It is possible to use Seagate or Western Digital if required by customer.


Leangle co has two verariation RAM: Samsung or Kinston.


Leangle products use different software as requirement, for example: Windows 10, Windows 10 pro, Windows 11, Windows 11 pro, Azure IOT, Android and Ubuntu.